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IntoTheAttic 2 BDSM
Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetich, Playthings
Video language: English

Hungry to attempt bondage, 21 year aged came to see us for only her 3rd ever bondage practice. She had an "intense" practice back when she was much younger and only now found a beau to bound up her up recently. It’s charming much all going to be new to her here. Let’s accept started.
We sit her down and obtain to know her first. Probing her with questions to reveal what brought her in today, what she hopes to experience. We as well learn about her appetizing history. What she likes in the bedroom, the first time she ever got banged, how often she stirs (frequently, we learn), if she swallows –the common stuff we like to pull from a new chick. After I find out what she hopes to accept out of the day I have her get undressed. At once I can smell her sex. And what we find beneath the clothes is delicious. She is at once placed into an elbow harness and her wrists brought unitedly. She is then placed back in her stool and her wrists fixed to the top of the stool back. Her ankles, legs and thighs are all fixed to the armchair also. She’d told me that she desired to be with gag in kisser –so I placed a dental gag in her muzzle and jacked it to uttermost. Her face hollow is now completely agape, totally opened to its limit. It was the very first time she’d ever been gagged. I fetched a little sorghum molasses and wiped it on her tongue. Then we sit back and watch her for a bit. See how she deals with the situation she finds herself in. She seems terribly afraid of drooling as she keeps her head lifted up and back. But it takes place anyway, in long thick streams of slobber. When she receives her paps clamped she clearly finds it painful, then weights are united to them. She squeaks out her pain thru the dental gag. Her situation growing far more desperate now. Her breathing increased, she keeps trying to move around and she continues to whimper thru the gag. She lets me know she’s in discomfort. When I put the Hitachi on her cunt, if it weren’t for the ropes, she’d have ejected herself from the stool. A rubber hose is bound around her neck and, as her face turns red, the Hitachi is put back on her vulva. Right at that moment a large reservoir of drool falls from her mouth as she essays to process the vibrations happening to her cunny. For this newbie, she’s having one serious ride. Truly, she’s at her limit right now.

Format: Windows media
Duration: 1:12:06
Video: 960×540, Wm Film 9 Advanced Profile, 1379kbps
Audio: 156kbps

IntoTheAttic 2 BDSM IntoTheAttic 2 BDSM
IntoTheAttic 2 BDSM IntoTheAttic 2 BDSM

IntoTheAttic 2 BDSM
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IntoTheAttic 2 BDSM

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