Jan 222015

Into The Attic Angel BDSM
Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetish, Baubles
Video language: English

We find Angel standing in the middle of the room, fully dressed in a school girl’s outfit while Mr. Evil fits her with a thorax harness. Within seconds Rik has Angel off her feet and swinging in the air from her harness. He bangs with her. Pushing her around as she swings in the void. I don’t think it’s too comfortable either as we hear her yell, as we see her grapple with the rope around her upper body. It is clear from her face she is familiar with this is going to be a long ride. Mr. Evil grabs her ankle and ties it up high toward the ceiling. Resignation sits in. Then the one more ankle is chained up behindhand her back. Angel now finds herself in an almost horizontal position as Mr Evil begins delivering Angel some actual discomfort. When she encounters back he grabs her long pig tails and chokes her. He pulls her around with them, swinging her in mid air. When he tires of that he strings a bowling ball up to her neck and has that choke her off for awhile. And while that is happening he has her finger bang herself to apex as he simultaneously whips her. Oh my, she just sprayed herself. A couple of slaps to her face for that infraction and the whip comes out again. The whip is an item she clearly does not like. When he’s done she’s a heaving, crying mess. He takes her now free ankle and ropes it to a far portion of the floor. Then he grabs her peach in his hand and begins swinging her around by it. At last Angel is a heap of raw, displayed emotion. When she is finally taken down she collapses onto the floor –where Mr. Evil takes a moment to slap her yelling face. She’s been kicked, booted, whipped and flogged –and she hasn’t even had an apogee yet. Bummer.

Format: Wm
Duration: 1:25:49
Video: 960×540, Wm Film 9, 2915kbps
Audio: 156kbps

Into The Attic Angel BDSM Into The Attic Angel BDSM
Into The Attic Angel BDSM Into The Attic Angel BDSM

Into The Attic Angel BDSM
File size: 1.9 GB

Into The Attic Angel BDSM

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