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All Worlds Video - Paramedics Gay Movies
Cast: Stetson Gable, Jonathan West, Justin Dragon, Anthony Shaw, Cameron Fox, Chad Farrell, Dillon Press, Jason Crew, Justin Wells, Park Wiley

If I ever need rescuing, send these guys please. Paramedics, a clever manufacturing directed by Thor Stephans ("Sex Psycho", "Sloth"image, isn’t quite what it appears to be. This is definitely not just another porno flick with models in uniforms. Much like the Wet Palms series, there’s quite a bit of dialogue framing the sex. This one is definitely for those who like a little more content with their butt banging and ball sucking. There’s also a high camp/comedy sprinkled throughout and more than one shouting drag queen popping up here and there in this video within a movie.

Park Wiley (Face Ryders) and Chad Farrell (A Matter of Greatness 2) are on the set of the fictitious pornography video Paramedics, a "Rescue 9-1-1" parody. (Bear with me – this video within a movie stuff is a little muddy) Wiley and Farrell are taking a personal moment away from the lights and movie cams, sneaking away inside the rented ambulance for a little mouth-to-mouth.

Of the two, Farrell appears to be the more traditional heartbreaker – lean, bronzed, tall but with an average Joe kind of face. Wiley, not one to be outdone, comes at Farrell with twice the energy, devouring him in the tight and cramped cabin of the ambulance. Wiley luxuriates in Farrell’s crotch, slathering his cock, hip joints, and low-hangers with spit. Turns out that Chad Farrell is much more of a cock prostitute than Wileyor else he’s merely showing off.

Given the fortune, Farrell squats and makes himself comfortable, using his vacuum suction on Wiley ’till Wiley is literally whimpering. From the outset, it’s anybody’s guess who’ll end up in the top role. My money was on Farrell, and sure sufficient, he bends his buddy over, fuck him doggy genre. This turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to check out Farrell’s thorax; his paps are perfectly placed on twin slabs of muscle, the camera perched at just the right angle to glorify every square inch.

Between episodes, the models address the movie cam directly in several short interviews, á la MTV’s Real World. And amidst all the on-set craziness, two off-duty paramedics (Jonathan West & Stetson Gable – Desperate Hubbies) show up as consultants, hired to give this porn within a porn a little bit of authenticity. Kyle Lewis, here playing a production assistant, manages to sweetheart talk Jonathan West into a dark corner, instantaneously dropping to his knees to relieve some of West’s pressure. West’s pecs are gloriously plump, and as the camera pans south to where the true activity is, it’s harsh to miss the sexy ghetto-style tats on his stomach.

West keeps his hands vigorously locked behindhand his back, and reciprocation is not an option. When Stetson Gable stumbles upon the oral job, he’s given the thumbs-up by his co-worker, and now Lewis has two pricks to serving. At some point, lean stud Justin Dragon also joins the orgy, and Lewis, a buff darling himself, is encircled by sculpted muscle. Dragon has one of the sexiest treasure trails in the porn business, his little bit of fur adding a worthy contrast to smooth planes of the others’ torsos. Unlike the others, Dragon doesn’t mind eating some ass, coating Lewis’ outstanding behindhand with spit and kisses before he bangs. The scene finishes with a flourish, the others models using Lewis’s upper body as a cum canvas.

Shenanigans are taking location all over the Paramedics set. Jason Crew (Leather Fixed) makes himself prepared for his photoshoot with photographer Anthony Shaw and his assistant, Justin Wells. There’s a lot of flirting going on as he slowly strips out of his EMT costume, flashbulbs popping. At just the right moment, Crew eagerly shows off his trademark parlor trick to the amazement of the two men. Crew may be the only model I know of that can bang himself, and it certainly fires up the burners for Shaw and Wells.

All three hunker down against an all-white background, Wells and Shaw taking turns blowing Crew. This oral session prolongs for some time, cranking up in intensity with each passing minute. The highlight of this vignette is most certainly the three-man daisy chain. Just check out the Shaw’s ecstatic expression with a oral cavity full of Crew at the same time he’s getting his pole smoked. And this is all before he receives his asshole royally reamed by Crew, then Wells.

The final pairing in Paramedics finds the film’s principal backer (Dillon Press) manipulating one of the models (Cameron Fox) to his advantage. There’s a strong john/hustler dynamic here and both Press and Fox play their respective roles to the hilt. Press’s most remarkable feature has to be those tree trunks thighs. They’re in full muscular bloom as he squats over Fox’s prick and teases it with his manhole. His quads and hamstrings are literally packed, quivering as he holds this position. If you like watching an older daddy acquire cornholed by a younger and leaner pup, this is the sex to start with. They bang outdoors and watching Press getting put through the paces is exquisite. Press stops up by riding his man for hire till both get off.

Paramedics may be a bit long, mostly due to the combined comic elements. But between the gay-for-pay beauties (Stetson and West), Kyle Lewis’s fellatio buffet, and Press’s asshole ride into the sunset, there’s plenty to put the viewer into full cardiac arrest.

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All Worlds Video - Paramedics Gay Movies All Worlds Video - Paramedics Gay Movies
All Worlds Video - Paramedics Gay Movies All Worlds Video - Paramedics Gay Movies

All Worlds Video - Paramedics Gay Movies
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All Worlds Video - Paramedics Gay Movies

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