Jan 242015

Genki 6 Sex Extremals
Release Year: 2009
Studio: GENKI
Cast: Josie, Cristina, Ayumi, Perla, Raquel, Ravana, Milly
Genres: Serious
Video language: English

Description: The game of survival has begun. Mystery chap makes it ill-ad three damsels he kidnapped and held captive. They must obey his orders if they want to survive. Hangers-throw maids with trout and eels, rubbing them all over their bodies. Maids have no choice but to make it. Then, he ordered that his blokes stuck loach and eels in each hole. This packed things sadistic pleasure, but a little more twisted than our videos.

Genki 6 Sex Extremals
Video clip size: 1.0 GB

Genki 6 Sex Extremals

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