Feb 172015

Franken Slave BDSM
Release Year: 2015
Cast: Abigail Dupree, Bonnie Day and Pockit Fanes
Genres: BDSM, Caning, Celebrator, Cut Clothing, Cut Panties, Finger Bondage, Fingering, Apex, Metal Bondage, Apogee, Paddle, Bush Fondling, Shackles, Vassal Chick Training, Artificial cock, Whip

It’s just a routine check up for Abigail Dupree, but her ordinar doctor has stopped seeing patients. This new doctor came highly recommended. The receptionist provides a drink in the waiting room, and since Abigail is on all occasions a little nervous about medical visits (and the creepy guy next to her), a little water will help settle her down. Of course, whatever the nurse put in it takes her straight through relaxed and into .
By the time she wakes up the experiment is already being set up. The Doctor has a special business, taking innocent cuties off of the street and turning them into the the most sexy slaves in the world. It isn’t so much training as it is conditioning. When it is over she won’t just be some obedient that is looking for a worthy time. She will be a complete appetizing bondservant who can’t help but serve whatever gink takes over her life.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:18:01
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2683kbps
Audio: 109kbps

Franken Slave BDSM Franken Slave BDSM
Franken Slave BDSM Franken Slave BDSM

Franken Slave BDSM
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Franken Slave BDSM

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