Mar 162015

Jaden Gay Solo
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Jaden is a hard-working landscaper with a smooth, sculpted and ripped flesh that will make you drool. He also has a handsome face and dark eyes that you can accept lost in. Jaden typically jerks off in the shower – so what better place to put him for his CF debut?

Jaden is fully into fitness and said he'd like to own his own gym one day and help others get fit. I'm prepared to sign up for some fiercely personal training sessions with him! Jaden runs, bikes and lifts weights – in fact, he'll try anything active to keep that ripped body in shape.

The first time Jaden got laid was with his girlfriend on prom night when he was 17. Despite being so lustful, this young fellow says he was brought up to be “a amazing lad,” and he doesn't actually play the field and mainly plays with one associate.

Jaden has excellent fuzzy legs and a perfect defined thorax. His smile is infectious and that butt is so fuckable! It's been a few days since Jaden jerked off, and he says he usually fantasizes about some of the “crazy nights” he's had.

The water comes on and Jaden begins acquiring wet. He rubs the warm water over his chest and strokes his dick. His cock gets rock severe and he leans back and plays with his balls before stroking again.

Jaden bends over and gives us a fantastic view of that worthy buttocks. He jerks his manmeat downward. Sitting back on the armchair, he slaps his manmeat back and forth with both hands, playing around and having a fun time teasing himself.

Jaden lies down and jerks faster. He blows his load all over his ripped abs. He sits up, slides his hands down his wet thorax and says he was thinking about having sex with one of his girlfriends' moms.

Wow! Jaden is a little naughtier than I thought! I hope I can get him back to do some even naughtier things…

Jaden Gay Solo Jaden Gay Solo
Jaden Gay Solo Jaden Gay Solo

Jaden Gay Solo

Jaden Gay Solo

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