Aug 122015

Zeb Atlas III Bisexuals
Release Year: 2011
Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Cast: Zeb Atlas III
Video language: English

In the world of Zeb Atlas everything is GIGANTIC. Actually, he may just be the biggest chap we’ve ever featured. His arms are bigger than most guys’ thighs, his thorax is massive and his six-pack abs are, well, super-sized. As his lady pal Darcy shortly after discovers, directly below lies another enormous object: Zeb’s manmeat. Our movie cam gives you the same view Zeb sees, as he looks down to watch his penis dissolve, inch by glorious inch, down her throat. Zeb has one more hollow in mind and gets behindhand his playmate in a episode so horny you’ll never see a fireplace quite the same way again! Zeb does a little lifting and brings his girl into the bedroom where his asshole and dick get serviced prior to Round 2 of the fuckfest. And, as the saying goes, all great things must cum to an end.

Zeb Atlas III Bisexuals Zeb Atlas III Bisexuals

Zeb Atlas III Bisexuals

Zeb Atlas III Bisexuals

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