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Detention: The Directors Cut Gay Movies
Studio: Rascal Movie

Detention is downright raunchy. Manager Chi Chi LaRue really receives the job done here with a bevy of mostly teenaged men (with a few expires thrown in for pleasant measure). The goings-on occur in a school where several hot learners serve detention in a classroom that looks very Mayberry R.F.D. (replete with an American flag in the corner).
Tall, dark and comely D.C. Chandler, a tutor, counsels undergraduate Matt Summers on his schoolwork and poor performance. Matt, also tall, dark and tempting, refutes D.C.s assessment, but it doesnt matter anyway, D.C. just craves to fuck Matt. So he sidles over to Matts side of the desk and pulls out his extra huge cock for a thorough sucking. Matt tosses in a fast rim also before D.C. rams his large penis into Matt. D.C. squirts major ejaculate all over Matts face and neck before Matt boisterously brings himself off below.
Four undergraduates — Carlo Cox, a muscular macho boy with a very thick python and hirsute chest; Filippo Romano, a tall and smooth nice-looking boy with dark wavy hair; Kyle Kennedy, a golden-haired guy-next-door format with a gigantic dong and ever-ready smile; and Joe Foster, a muscular Aussie with an easygoing manner and super-hard cock — are going over the days les when they come to a decision to teach lad classmate Kyle a thing or two on the subject of Bang and Sucking. So they all shuck their clothes and start out a cocksucking round-robin, and then Filippo inserts his face into Carlos crack for a hearty rim. They all put in amazing blowjob work, especially when they take turns sucking Kyles large bone, but Joe actually goes to town on Kyle, seemingly in a hypnotic state as he goes about his task. Filippo and Carlo then take turns gy-fucking Kyle before a seated Kyle is the human cum-rag for the gobs of spunk Joe, Carlo and Filippo spew.
Tag Adams and Chad Hunt, college janitors, meet up in the broom closet for a midday rendezvous. Tag is a compactly built sensation with a furry upper body and a cute-as-a-button face. Chad is a slim fellow with gigantic uncut python. Tag without delay crouches down to take as much of the mammoth python in his oral cavity as possible, and he slurps and gags appropriately. Chad then twists his gink around to sniff and rim his fluffy asscrack before pissing on said crack and then Tags face, too. (This sequence, I must admit, came as a shock initially as I didnt see it coming. Tag looks so wholesome and meek, but looks, as we all know, can be deceiving. Tag is a bona fide pig and he wallows in the piss with a nice deal of enthusiasm. I on all occasions enjoy raunchy action, and when it involves an innocent-looking type, well, lets just say it puts a smile on my face. A large one.) The action progresses to a sit-fuck with Tags sweet little bottom tensely impaled on the much-larger-than-average dong sticking out from Chads skin. They segue into missionary and for the big stop Chad bangs Tag with a lube-up broom handle. Tag jerks and squirts cum on his stomach, and Chad gushes goo all over Tags neck.
Learner Rob Kirk leaves the detention room early and is caught by teacher Zak Edwards in the bath. Rob is a compact and smooth bloke with a greasy python. Tattooed Zak is a tall drink of water with a long python that is adorned with a Prince Albert. After Zak has scolded Rob for leaving detention without permission, he demands sensual favors. They trade blows and urine before Rob loosens Zak up with a artificial cock before bang the living daylights out of him with his penis. Its awesome to see the much shorter Rob fuck the much taller Zak. Rob cums on Zaks face and then Zak jerks his big-ass penis to climax.
Sitting in a detention room for hours on end is boring. Sucking dicks and fucking bums is not, so the detained — Johnny Hazzard, a comely, tattooed and bearded dude; Matt Summers; Matt Majors, a slim and heavy-hung guy; Michael John, a slim and comely bloke; Andy Hunter; a long-dicked nice-looking gink with a devilish grin; and Jack Hammer, a smooth brunet with a long pink cock — take to each others crotches to relieve the boredom of their penalty. They are soon attached by a tutor, Logan Reed, and the janitor, Chad Hunt. The first half of the scene is devoted to cocksucking and it is here that tattooed Johnny is the true standout as he handily tackles Chads fiend without so much as a hiccup. But the rest of the fellows turn in fantastic work, too, with Matt Summers perhaps acquiring the baton as the Hardest Working Cocksucker in Show Business. He can truly go! The fucking features Johnny fuck Logan, and then Andy, Logan and Michael gy-fucking Matt Summers. All the lads pop their burdens on Matt Summers face in conclusion, as he sweetly smiles as the cum drips to the floor.

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Detention: The Directors Cut Gay Movies Detention: The Directors Cut Gay Movies
Detention: The Directors Cut Gay Movies Detention: The Directors Cut Gay Movies

Detention: The Directors Cut Gay Movies
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Detention: The Directors Cut Gay Movies

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