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Brock Masters' Collector's Edition Gay Movies
Release Year: 2004
Studio: Centaur Videos
Cast: Brock Masters, Brent Everett, Court Logan, Kirk Kelley, Sandy Sloane, Duncan Mills, Jeremy Brooks, Vladam Velika, Franco Gorgino, Mikal Jante, Richie Miso, Vladimir Lacek
Genres: Oral delight, Bottom Sex, Big Penis, Rimming, Muscle, Twink, Union, Cumshot

With scenes culled exclusively from his films edited by Chip Daniels, himself one of the legends of adult, Mr. Masters’ big body and python are demonstrated to shattering effect. From Off Limits, underwear sniffer, Jeremy Brooks, hides in the barracks while Brock and lad soldier, Duncan Mills get erotic while reading a rousing letter. No surprise that Mills obtains the shit fucked out of him by the very aggressive Mr. Masters.
Time Cops hurled Brock through time back to the "Gunsmoke" era, where bum bitches were as famished as they are today. Sandy Sloane (looking rather modern) pays homage to Master’s mighty rod before offering his "Miss Kitty" bush for bronco riding. Shot from the rear, Brock’s physique is pleasant!
Kirk Kelley plays an escaped thief who is captured by Brock in Wild Rangers. In preference to of arresting Kirk right away, Masters comes to a decision to teach the half-naked dick tease a les. It’s propitious that Brock has such a large cock; it’s a near-perfect match for KK’smodious anus, which resembles the entrance to a gigantic grotto. He’s fingered and then relentlessly pounded.
Boy Academy #2 shows sex between a cadet (Court Logan) and hismanding officer (Masters). Men can be such pigs! After Court’s all-out cock sucking, ass-lapping and ball swallowing routine, he submits to an on-you-back, legs-up bitch fuck. Brock sprays Logan’s face with a cup full of rousing cream.
I reviewed Navy Blues: Deeper in The Brig. Brock is in familiar territory as a Sergeant who threatens to throw Seaman, Brent Everett into dungeon for stealing. Brent promises to do anything to stay out of the brig. Brock seizes the fortune and nails the youthful fucker by ravishing his muzzle and then his deep, spacious sin-hole (beautifully shot).
This entire thing is amazing. Chip Daniels gives you a night of pure fun. The extras are very enjoyable and you acquire to know Brock Masters. He’s diversion, horny and a macho "gay gink." The photography is top-notch and the production first-rate. Kudos to Chip Daniels for doing it right. One thing, Chip. Thousands of us would go bananas if we saw Masters with a full crotch of glorious pubic hair to go along with his ultra masculine pera.

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Duration: 2:02:54
Video: 720×480, DivX 5, 971kbps
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Brock Masters' Collector's Edition Gay Movies Brock Masters' Collector's Edition Gay Movies
Brock Masters' Collector's Edition Gay Movies Brock Masters' Collector's Edition Gay Movies

Brock Masters' Collector's Edition Gay Movies
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Brock Masters' Collector's Edition Gay Movies

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