Nov 222015

Intimate Silence Oral Sex
Genres: Glamour, Oral job
Video language: English

When it’s just you and I, it’s not at all times about words. From time to time, our bodies just take over. Glances and smiles say more than our voices are capable of doing, and sometimes a simple exchange of looks is enough to start something erotic and pretty together. My kisser is longing for your dick, nearly salivating at the site. You’re so perfectly intense and ready for my lips, pressed up against the as I gaze into your eyes.

I like getting coy with you, pausing and shifting and switching sensations so that you never accept too comfortable… I don’t want you to go thinking that you’re going to be expecting something with me. I want these blowjobs to be unique. Every once in a while you take over, then I take back control. It’s ever-changing and on all occasions new. Your python never changes, tho’. It’s on all occasions as severe as ever, begging for the warm, wet depths within me.

When I know that you’re close to coming, my eyes start to please with you. You look down at me, my red hair off-setting my cute pink blouse and elementary feathered earrings brushing against my neck… It’s a sight you just can’t resist. You start out to come for me. I thought it’d be in my mouth, but it ended up all over my face. All over. The silence is broken. We giggle and talk in a funny, dear way. All sex should be so lovely, intimate and contrasting.

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Intimate Silence Oral Sex Intimate Silence Oral Sex
Intimate Silence Oral Sex Intimate Silence Oral Sex

Intimate Silence Oral Sex
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Intimate Silence Oral Sex

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