Sep 022016

Steven Fucks Alexa Classic Sex
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Steven is generally gorgeous laid back around the house. He’s perfectly content just hanging out on the couch watching t.v. or playing on his phone, but something about Alexa really turns him on. The moment the petite brunette walks into the room, Steven’s eyes are constantly gazing over her and he finds reasons to start a conversation. So when it came time for them to have sex, he was anything but laid back – he was in readiness to show her what he’s got!

For her part, she delighted flirting with the young stud. Then she had diversion kissing him. Then she absolutely loved his python! More than that, she loved his vigor!

Steven is not just the sit-back-and-let-her-do-all-the-work kind of guy. He’s on her, licking and squeezing her bust, stripping her down, and eating her out in no time. As much as he readied her tho’, his large manmeat is still a lot to take at first, but soon she loved his continuance and girth – and he loved how her hooters bounced while he’s drilling her! The louder she yelled out the more confidence he had. “Do you like that greasy dick?” he asks her as he plunges in deep. They bang missionary, cowgirl, and doggy-style ’till they’re both totally spent!

Steven Fucks Alexa Classic Sex Steven Fucks Alexa Classic Sex

Steven Fucks Alexa Classic Sex

Steven Fucks Alexa Classic Sex

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