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Chrono Clock Hentai Games
Release Year: 2017

Year: 2017
Genre: Romance, College, Gigantic melons, Butt, Fellatio, Titsjob, Harem

Platform: PC / Windows

Distraction Language: Eng
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1, CPU: 1GHz, RAM: 128MB, 1280 * 720, HDD: 4.14 GB DirectX: 9.0
Description: Rei owns a watch passed down which grants him the ability to turn back time by 5 min, with an hour cooldown time. In spite of this, guy doesn’t plan to use it for saving the world or anything enormous like this. In preference to, bloke uses it to make his daily schoolhouse life more interesting and fulfilling. In particular, gink desires to acquire a girlfriend and made a list of pretty gals to confess to. Since man could use his ability to turn back time if bloke was rejected, dude would manage to confess without each risk.

One day after school, buddy watched as a girl fell from the roof. This chub hurriedly turned back time and went to the roof, interrupting the first-year Miu’s confession to his finest friend Shuuji. Maid is an extremely timid girl with an unlucky constitution, but lady was able to summon up the courage to confess her feelings. Her straightforwardness, despite lacking the power of the see to assist her, left a unfathomable impression on him. Thus, boy came to a decision to assist her confess once more. It was the beginning of a strange love triangle and the sowing of the seeds of courage for Rei’s own confession.

Chrono Clock Hentai Games Chrono Clock Hentai Games

File size: 4.1 GB

Chrono Clock Hentai Games

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