Jun 052017

Secret Dancer Lesbian
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Alana Cruise, Alison Rey
Genres: Girl on Girl, Member Fantasy, Natural Boobs, Small Melons, Fingering, MILF & Mature, 69, Older / Younger, Facesitting, Stepmom, Family Roleplay, Tribbing, Lesbie
Video language: English

When Alison Rey finds a coupon for a strip club in the kitchen, doll assumes that her man’s being untrue to her Alana Cruise. She’s about to rat on her man when Alana comes home in a cab, plastered in makeup, and wearing the sluttiest leopard print outfit. Alison quickly deduces the coupon belongs to Alana and waves it in her face confrontationally. Alana reluctantly cops to the fact this female dances at the club. Cutie begs Alison not to tell her man. Maiden claims it’s her freedom and her livelihood. And this woman likes the attention. Alison might be persuaded to keep quiet about her side job, if Alana lap dances for her.
Alana grapples with the wrongness of the situation and decides that dancing for Alison is the lesser of two evils. Woman squirms on Alison’s lap awkwardly. But Alison loves it. Gal runs her hands over her small melon and unties her bikini top, despite Alana’s protests.
Alana is even greater amount disturbed when her teen divulges how much she’s on all occasions craved to do this. On many occasions, she’s watched Alana in the shower just to look at her excited ass. At last, chick accepts to touch the MILF the way babe always craved. Alana is perched over her lap in disbelief. Alison takes off the MILF’s panties, despite her objections this she’s going too much far. Hottie merely goes topless at the club. Alison takes it a step further, fingering Alana during the lap dance. Alana can’t assist it this her cunny is getting wet. Alison gets unclothed too much, and despite Alana’s best efforts, female cannot deter the teen from licking her clit. Alison chows down on Alana ’till maid cums in her face hole. Gal climbs over her ‘s face for some reciprocation while the erotic MILF rubs herself. Lesbian Alison scissor bangs Alana then makes her cum on her fingers. The woman girl duo stop in 69, cumming simultaneously with a mouthful of cunny!

Format: mp4
Duration: 48:03
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 6576kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Secret Dancer Lesbian Secret Dancer Lesbian
Secret Dancer Lesbian Secret Dancer Lesbian

Secret Dancer Lesbian
File size: 2.3 GB

Secret Dancer Lesbian

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