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Axl and Tanner vol.2 Gay Clips
Release Year: 2012
Studio: ActiveDuty
Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, 1st time, 69, Muscules, Oral sex, Massive Cock, Cumshots

After things went so well in Tanner’s first man-on-man episode — with Axl — I came to a decision why not pull them in for another round? But this time, we were going to up the ante. In their initial session, Tanner got sucked and rimmed, but guy wasn’t ready to cross the line and reciprocate. This time, Tanner was going to suck python and fucking a guy for the first time.
After I go and bake the proverbial pie (truthfully, I’m running out of recipes), the gents get down to business. After about 5 seconds of chit-chat, Axl says he’s not one for "all the talking stuff, I just wanna get my python sucked." Tanner nods and says — seemingly half-jokingly — "alright." And away we go!
Axl peels off his sweat pants, bright teal undies and his T-shirt, revealing his already-hard cock. After guy gets Tanner to get his shirt off, Tanner leans over and tentatively begins to lick and suck at Axl’s meat. Axl lets out a sigh and says "Look at this!"
Wee in closer on the action and Tanner plays to the movie cam, working over Axl’s dick with his tongue, all the while stroking it with his hand. Axl is nothing but smiles here, like a kid in a candy store. Tanner switches around to receive in-between Axl’s legs for greater amount easy access to his python, doing the ol’ jerk-n-suck routine. Tanner’s fond of working Axl’s cock over like a lollipop, tickling its underside and focusing on its head. After a while, Axl tells Tanner, "see how unfathomable you can go." Tanner takes a pierce, but can receive maybe half of Axl’s fiend in his mouth. In fact, Axl is nothing but shit-eating grins all the way through the sucking. Man occasionally steals glances at the camera, giving us that, "do you believe this?" look.

Format: mp4
Duration: 39:59
Video: 960×720, AVC (H.264), 1953kbps
Audio: 98kbps

Axl and Tanner vol.2 Gay Clips Axl and Tanner vol.2 Gay Clips
Axl and Tanner vol.2 Gay Clips Axl and Tanner vol.2 Gay Clips

Axl and Tanner vol.2 Gay Clips
Video clip size: 602.4 MB

Axl and Tanner vol.2 Gay Clips

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