Jan 272018

Dress Sexy Femdom and Strapon
Release Year: 2018
Cast: Artemis Faux, London River
Video language: English

London doesn’t start Artemis with a warmup. Babe wants to hear him scream in pain from her first lash at him and gal succeeds. But fellow doesn’t seem to be enjoying it as much as buddy should. London is familiar with from personal practice that ache feels better for a masochist who the masochist feels fine-looking, so London comes to a decision that Artemis would have joy himself greater amount if doll replaced his boring athletic socks with some good-looking heels. To make the heels delight doll has placed bottle caps inside them so the testicles of his feet will be pressed into the heavy, sharp metal. Gink already seems to be enjoying himself greater amount. London secures Artemis to the stage with an anal lock and has Artemis dress in lingerie and stockings. This guy completes his makeup while damsel torturings him with a rod and electricity. Artemis gets tougher the more girly buddy appears. That is no surprise to someone like London who is familiar with that for a man to even get close to being as tough as a woman buddy has to take on the persona of 1. Bloke is then bent over a table and notices this dude has not done as outstanding a job grooming as babe expects of her men. Hottie proceeds to fix that problem by waxing the hair off his taint. Lad squirms and squeals as doll rips hair in strips off his susceptive body. When woman is lastly satisfied babe rewards him with a harsh spanking and an even stronger caning. In conclusion London secures Artemis’ penis and bollocks before doll proceeds to shiver and fuck his pristine, hairless ass.

Format: mp4
Duration: 43:41
Video: 850×480, AVC (H.264), 2699kbps
Audio: 104kbps

Dress Sexy Femdom and Strapon Dress Sexy Femdom and Strapon
Dress Sexy Femdom and Strapon Dress Sexy Femdom and Strapon

Dress Sexy Femdom and Strapon
File size: 898.0 MB

Dress Sexy Femdom and Strapon

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