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Adrenaline Gay Movies
Release Year: 2009
Studio: Falcon, Mustang
Cast: Alexsander Freitas Berke Banks Dominic Pacifico Drake Jaden Ridge Kane Rob Romoni Samuel Colt Spencer Reed Tommy Defendi
Genres: Anal, oral, ordinary hardcore, condoms

Add a strong musical thrash to a smorgasbord of nine horny lads, and then mix it up with their growing passion for unbridled man lust. You can feel your sap rate start to boil as it courses through your veins; u begin to pant and your breathing quickens; then your muscles strain with exertion … your adrenalin is pumping! And that’s what you get with this new hit video of electrifying man-on-man performance you just can not miss!
Like the magic Pied Piper, DJ Dominic makes all the guys hop to a driving disco thrash. Spencer craves to thank the music meister perally so dude pays homage to the man, sucking, kissing and deep throating his meaty baton. Dominic cranks the music up higher drawing Alexsander into the mix and Spencer instantly has 2 enormous dicks to suck. As if programmed, the talented DJ shows his multi-tasking skills as fellow rims Alex’s ass while guzzling Spencer’s pole. Then that chub bends over to get screwed at both ends, sucking Spencer’s manmeat while Alex fucks him from behindhand. Spencer and Alex switch locations as Dominic relishes being the middle of this fuck sandwich. All 3 dudes rock it out ’till they shoot their enormous loads one after the 1 more.
Samuel’s been ogling Drake’s bubble butt for awhile – that’s a tasty treat he’d like to sink his teeth into. Man follows the hunky barkeep into the backroom, accepts down on his knees and begins to rim his puckered apperture savoring all its hidden secrets and musky smells. Then the gigantic guy spins Drake around and begins to nurse on his manmeat. Both men quickly grow with lust. Drake then comes to a decision it’s his turn to show Samuel man can suck python just as outstanding, so dude hungrily feeds on Mr. Colt’s pistol swallowing it all the way down to the base. All charged-up, Samuel drives his hardened prick into Drake’s hole and fucks him like crazy ’till both men can no longer hold back and they climax and cum.
Not even the toilet’s safe. Tommy’s just taken a piss when guy turns around to find a hungry Ridge wanting a piece of him. Turned on by the lustful proposition, man stands back and lets the bearded bo-hunk have a wild carry on his meat stick. Ridge gobbles the thick pole down his gullet and then licks his asshole clean. Tommy is just as hungry for his share of man meat so lad obtains down and noshes away on Ridge’s enormous candy cane and tight fuzzy bottom. But that’s not adequate. Wild flaming passion is coursing through his veins and Tommy takes Ridge from behind and bangs him uttermost and nonstop. Edging towards orgasm, man pulls out and spooges all over his admirer’s face. Ridge follows suit jacking himself off ’till chap showers his belly with his own cum.
Berke Banks is done in, exhausted by all the fervent partying going on downstairs. Lad finds an empty lounge and collapses on the stool only to be discovered by security. Rob can not believe his eyes! Who can resist that hairy sleeping beauty? So vulnerable, so available. Bloke unbuckles Berke’s jeans, pulls out the thick dick and rapidly starts out sucking away. Appetizing and famished, gink runs his tongue up and down the shaft and bathes these hefty testicles with his saliva. Berke awakes, amazed and aroused. Guy asserts himself, slamming his python down Rob’s muzzle and then up his ass. Guy bangs the sneaky rascal fierce and intense just like they both like it. Every pierce is delivered with a smack of tough love, nonstop and turbocharged, until they both erupt with geysers of their warm jism.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:32:31
Video: 856×480, AVC (H.264), 1945kbps
Audio: 91kbps

Adrenaline Gay Movies Adrenaline Gay Movies
Adrenaline Gay Movies Adrenaline Gay Movies

Adrenaline Gay Movies
Video clip size: 1.3 GB

Adrenaline Gay Movies

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