Jul 142018

Bainard Vol. 3 Gay Clips
Studio: Military Classified

Today Im bringing back an old favorite that Ive been getting a lot of requests for… Bainard! Yes that little white boy stud has been working out since hes been out of the Air and looking cute appetizing I must say. Today.. really tonite.. Ive edited to convince that boy to get intimate and peral with a dude. Watch how fellow fumbles himself around an ass but chap was no match for Robs kisser and kisser. This all happened late 1 night when I had him over for a little fun!
Bainard has a on my website named Jersey and Ive been trying to acquire these 2 together for some side by side blow jobs and I think we may watch that happening sometime presently! Maybe from there I can receive the two s to fucking me without delay. Anyway back to the story, When Bainard showed up man looked charming frickin amazing. His skin is all ripped out, fine feet, smooth muscular body with a outstanding smile… and a similar penis to his Jerseys… oversight it out side by side. Even bends down like Jerseys!
I had Bainard shoot a small in number pictures in my bathroom and tonite this chub was in fact quite relaxed and ready for the episode. Once I told him what we were doing, it didnt take him long to get acclimated to my bedroom and how to get around it like bloke owned it. I had the room set up very intimate. I didnt have a lot of lighting, I had the cameras stationary and the porn was playing in the background…. so the mood was set!
Bainard relaxed into of my famous blow jobs and I was in reality into it and ready to go! I worked on Bainard orally for quite some time formerly chap gave me a warning and I had to change it up. Once we got past the oral sex I made my way to mounting this lovely lads almost 7 inches of delight. Bainard was very attentive and wanting to see how that would all go down but once guy was cued, boy broke out with a performance I definitely rate about a 9.
Bainard next stood up and began to fucking me doggie classification, yep, doggie style! Bainard loved playing with my ass and even commented this it looked like a babes ass! Damsels ass? Is that the way a straight guy compliments a dude? anyway… I decided to stick my finger up his ass while I began sucking his manmeat again and thats how we stopped this scene and I must say it was 1 of the the most sexy sexually compeled jizz episodes in my archives! Control it out!!!

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Duration: 20:22
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Bainard Vol. 3 Gay Clips Bainard Vol. 3 Gay Clips
Bainard Vol. 3 Gay Clips Bainard Vol. 3 Gay Clips

Bainard Vol. 3 Gay Clips
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Bainard Vol. 3 Gay Clips

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